Shannon Gambino

“I had the pleasure of meeting Jared and Jill through a mutual friend in 2009, when I needed to sell my house along with a 10-acre piece of property in the middle of nowhere … during the housing recession. My outlook was bleak, and my stress level was high. Jared and Jill assessed the situation and had my home sold in two weeks! The land went 30 days later. I was in awe of their assertiveness and intelligence. In 2012, I teamed up with them again to buy a home. I am living in my current house because they know how to bid, even when there are two other bids on the table on the same day. What makes them so unique and stand out against the others is that they see you as a friend as well as a client; they strive to provide the best possible real estate experience on top of being your biggest advocate. Jared and Jill Crecelius of Solis Realty Group are nothing short of amazing.”