Melody & Saul Lee

“We wanted to send you a note now that things have calmed down (relatively, anyway!) to tell you how much we appreciate everything you did for us over the past few months.  We know that to some extent, you were just doing your jobs, but we are fairly confident that you went above and beyond in your services to us.  Saul and I are so grateful for your responsiveness, attentiveness and total professionalism, as well as your willingness to really go to bat for your clients.  We really felt we were always in good hands and that there was no doubt we had the best real estate brokerage in town.  Thank you very much for helping us both with the sale and purchase.  We couldn’t be happier with both processes, your excellent service and will not hesitate to recommend you to any and all of our friends in the future.  We’ll have you over for a housewarming soon!”