Census Bureau Jobs – Austin

Census Bureau expects to hire up to 3,000 temporary workers for Travis County.  Work schedules are flexible and pay ranges from $8-$24 per hour.  To apply, call 1-866-861-2010 to schedule a basic employment test.  For more information visit: www.2010censusjobs.gov

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Protesting Your Property Taxes

Confused about protesting your Texas property taxes?  Here’s the basics of the process:

All property must be valued and taxed fairly and uniformly. If you are over-appraised, or the assessed value on your homestead has increased more than 10% from last year, you have grounds for protesting your taxes.

FORMS . Fill-out the appropriate form from your appraisal district. Travis County’s form can be found at www.traviscad.org, Williamson County’s at www.wcad.org. Your protest must also be supported by documentation.

DOCUMENTATION . You need as much documentation as possible showing your home is worth less than the appraised value. If you recently bought your home, your closing statement can be used. Your Solis Real Estate Group agent can also provide you with data on comparable homes that have sold in your neighborhood. Other sources include appraisals, photos of defects on the property, engineer’s reports, etc.

DEADLINE . Protests must be filed before May 31st for Travis County and before June 2nd for Williamson County or no later than 30 days after you receive the notice of appraised value, whichever is later. After receiving your written protest, the Appraisal District will schedule a hearing where you can present your case.

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