Our Story

Hey there!  My name is Jill.  My husband, Jared, and I own this ma-and-pa real estate company.  We are a wonderful team, and I can honestly say I LOVE working with my husband.

For years we spent countless overtime hours building Solis Realty together.  But when our son was born, we decided I would take a break from the day-to-day running of our company to spend time with him.  It was six amazing years making memories with that kid but now he is in kindergarten, and I’m ready to get back to work.

My job is marketing.  I bring in the clients; Jared takes care good of them.  The thing is, I don’t just want to “have a career” again.  I want to do something special, something MONUMENTAL.  That may mean we start flipping and designing houses that people love.  That may mean I take our local brand and make it the talk of the town.  I’m just going to feel my way through this.

I’m giving myself 365 days to do this amazing thing.  Periodically I’ll be posting updates, videos diaries and photos to share my progress.  I hope you can follow along and tell me what you think.  Really and truly, I want your thoughts.  Let’s face it, if you’re planning to do something that could accurately be described as “monumental”, you’re going to need all the help you can get!

Day 1 – My 365 Day Challenge

The video diary that started it all.  Here were my initial thoughts as I was getting back into my career …

Day 27 – Logo, Education & Flip Opportunity

Video Diary #2 is all about starting strategically, studying what the experts say and making sure our branding is the best it can be!

Day 48 – Logo First Draft

Here is our first pass at rethinking our branding.  There’s more discussion on our instagram account but after much consideration I think this is pretty close to the final product.  I plan to change it up with holidays and events such as sock hats at Christmas time and music notes during SXSW.

The bigger idea here is that we are a ma-and-pa shop and our logo is literally a ma and a pa.  So I’m thinking of using our logo to promote the general idea of supporting all Austin area ma-and-pa shops.


Day 73 – Purging Everything

^^currently featured above^^

more to come …

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