Lone Star Grille in Cedar Park

When the weather is sunny and you and your spouse want to enjoy a meal while the kids play near by, head to Lone Star Grille in Cedar Park.  Jared and I ate there for the first time last week, and we returned again just a couple days later because it is one of the few restaurants that keeps Little Guy entertained while we eat.  There is a fountain and two playsets and when we went over the weekend there was a bouncy house and live music too.  On our first visit, Jared and I had queso with fajita beef as an appetizer, and then we both ordered burgers – very tasty!  On our second visit the full-order of the Mucho Nachos did me in.  Somehow Jared managed to also fit in some Crispy Chicken Tacos which he said he would order again.  All in all a good dining experience!

Website:  http://lonestargrilletx.com/




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