The Thinkery: Austin’s Children’s Museum

I never went to the original Austin Children’s Museum downtown.  That was before our days as parents.  With all the time we spend at the Austonian, we were initially disappointed when I was pregnant, and we heard the new museum would no longer be located around the corner.  However after listening to anyone who has been to both, it seems the new Thinkery blows the old one out of the water.  It has play spaces for babies on up to kids 8+ years old.  Our son currently loves the water room which is exactly as it sounds, an elaborate water table with stations for pouring and splashing and making music.  Though smocks and crocs are provided, most kids leave this room rather wet.  I recommend bringing a change of clothes over spending lots of time in front of the dryers.


Another favorite is the food market and chicken coop which has tons of plastic produce for collecting, sorting, weighing, and serving.


Also top on the list is the light room (tables with interactive colored light displays), the outdoor playground with waterfall, and baby space (a soft room with mirrors, a tunnel, and displays in the floor).


There’s so much to experience I can’t possibly describe it all here but suffice to say we enjoyed our time there so much we purchased a membership.

The Good: Everything I just talked about.

The Not-So-Good:  I’ve heard you don’t want to visit at the same time as large groups or field trips.

Overall:  We expect the Thinkery to remain a family favorite for many years to come!

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