Market Knowledge & Networks.
Our client’s property and the surrounding area are researched extensively. This includes future plans, new developements, market conditions, housing data and, if the client’s schedule allows, a visit to properties currently on the market which may be considered competition. Both high-level and detailed analysis help Solis agents work together with our clients to develop a strategic approach to positioning and pricing the home. An approach which maximizes profit and minimizes days on market. Discussions also covers a clear explanation of closing costs allowing our clients to plan ahead and make well-informed decisions.

However, effective selling is about much more than intelligent number crunching and projections. Solis has developed personal relationships with a vast network of Austin area brokerages and agents. These relationships are built on trust, respect, and mutual benefit and become absolutely instrumental in the exposure and traffic clients’ homes receive.

Superior Image. At every phase in the purchasing processes, buyers are filtering homes. The “must-sees”, the “maybe’s” and the “no’s”… then down to a few favorites… finally “the one”. While no buyer has bought a home because of the high-quality flyer, plenty of homes have been passed over because they did not look promising in the MLS or on advertisements. Solis agents take no chances with marketing of client’s homes. We invest money and time in creating an image that is superior to that of the competing homes on the market. Solis agents provide important staging advice, collaborate with professional photographers, invest in high-end print material, create virtual tours, and purchase urls specific to the homes such as In addition, Solis agents continue to qualify a list of repair and staging professionals who have received positive reviews from past clients, and can recommend and coordinate any services needed to bring the home up to show condition.

Extensive Exposure. This professional photography and high-end image is broadcasted and shared through both mass marketing streams and targeted industry contacts. Solis agents host area property tours, post the home’s url on a sign in yard so passer-bys can take the virtual tour, feature client’s homes on multiple blogs and Twitter, and saturate the web including austinhomesearch, craigslist, dothomes, enormo, frontdoor, googlebase, homefeedback, homedebut, hotpads, oodle, postlets,, tourfactory, trulia, vast, yahoo, and In fact, Solis agents pay extra for a link to the virtual tour on

Solis agents round out this wide-net approach with targeted industry contacts who are mostly likely to have buyers looking in the client’s neighborhood or price range. These are the relationships that Solis agents continue to develop and nuture, and which can be leveraged on our client’s behalf.

Communication & Feedback . Solis agents are concise in their communication and keep clients as informed as they would like to be. The success and reach of advertisements, movement of the market, and response to the client’s property are constantly monitored. Clients receive a weekly summary of virtual tour statistics, market snapshots, and buyer’s feedback. Clients also have an option to login to a dashboard providing a real time account of showings, comments, and agent’s current and past marketing activities.

Negotiation & Professional Guidance . Deliberate timing and communication, well-researched data, and strategically firm yet fair approach characterizes Solis agents’ training in negotiation. Solis is well versed in the latest contract and legal changes, and holds negotiation and minimizing client’s risk as one of its highest responisibilities. Facilitation of a smooth closing goes far beyond the selling side of the transaction, and can often extend, when needed, to proactively keeping the buyer’s agent, buyer, and lender meeting their deadlines and obligations.

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