We take the time to understand what is really important to you and then streamline the process from search to closing so that you can enjoy buying a home.

Relationship Investment . For Solis working with a client is an investment in a relationship as opposed to a “transaction”. Due to the unique nature of relationships, we approach every experience with fresh eyes, looking to see how we can accomplish the goals and meet the needs of that particular client. Buying a home can and should be enjoyable and as personal as the client is hoping their new home to be. Solis agents speak plainly, are dependable and accessible, and above all hold their client’s best interests as their sole focus.

Consistent with our view of the supreme value of the client-agent relationship, Solis agents work with our clients from beginning to closing and beyond, rather than handing clients off to various stages through out the experience. It is our judgment that support staff, though immensely valuable, is meant for behind the scenes work. Work that frees our agents to devote more time and energy to our clients.

Streamlining . Though relationships are at the heart of what Solis does, we still give our due attention to streamlining those parts of the buying process that are predictable. Through careful planning and continual collaboration and improvement, Solis utilizes project management tools to simplify and streamline closings. All clients are provided with a buyer’s guide which includes among other things, a concise overview of the buying process, school ratings, explanation of important contract dates, and sample contracts.

Long Before You’re Ready to Buy . Our services begin at the planning stage. Whether you’re saving for a down payment, working to repair your credit, familiarizing yourself with the market, needing to sell your current home, or relocating from another town, Solis agents can help you create an uncomplicated plan as well as get you in-touch with key professionals. In fact, Solis agents continue to qualify and requalify a list of resources from moving companies to mortgage brokers based on positive client reviews.

Aggressive Searching . Beyond passively submitting criteria into an auto-notification system, Solis agents actively and aggressively scour the market as well as our networks for the right property. Some of the best homes can be found with our agent’s trained eye, say for instance, on an inexpensive foreclosure just outside of the client’s selected neighborhoods. Extensive area knowledge as well as personal relationships with a vast network of Austin area brokerages, allow Solis agents to tap the silent market of homes not yet listed, narrowly advertised, or withdrawn but still available. Every source of property is pursued to ensure the client the best selection of homes.

Thorough Analysis & Expert Negotiation . As the search narrows to a few top choices, Solis agents scrutinize these properties against market data, resale potential, and future plans for the area’s development. With uncomplicated data and straightforward advice, we empower our clients to make informed purchases as well as wise investments. This knowledge and research then feeds into calculated negotiation strategy characterized by both deliberate timing and communication and a masterful understanding of pricing and motivation. Solis is well versed in the latest contract and legal changes, and holds negotiation and minimizing client’s risk as one of its highest responsibilities. Facilitation of a smooth closing goes far beyond the buying side of the transaction, and can often extend, when needed, to proactively keeping the seller’s agent, seller, and any other parties meeting their deadlines and obligations.

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