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Austin Aquarium

Austin Aquarium

March 25, 2015

The Austin Aquarium is located in a North Austin strip mall in what I believe used to be one of those huge furniture stores and is a very interactive experience for kids.  I’d estimate that maybe half of their tanks are ones you can stick your hands in, the best of which is the stingray […]

The Austin Zoo

The Austin Zoo

March 18, 2015

Actually it is called the Austin Zoo and Sanctuary, with a heavy emphasis on the sanctuary.  If you are used to a big elaborate zoo, as I am having grown up near the one in Detroit, then you need to adjust your expectations.  Many of the animals are on in their years.  Picture blind tigers, balding […]

The Thinkery:  Austin’s Children’s Museum

The Thinkery: Austin’s Children’s Museum

March 13, 2015

I never went to the original Austin Children’s Museum downtown.  That was before our days as parents.  With all the time we spend at the Austonian, we were initially disappointed when I was pregnant, and we heard the new museum would no longer be located around the corner.  However after listening to anyone who has been […]


 “Very easy to work with. A real pleasure.”
Debbie Roberson

“Moving out of state has many challenges. Especially now. Buying a house today is like going to the airport the day after 9-11. Adding to that, the out of state trips to find a home and preparing for a new job, just to name a few, can intensify the tribulations of moving. I however, was fortunate to have been referred to an agent by my daughter who turned out to be a blessing. (more…)

Sheree Ring

“[Our solis agent] helped us sell our house three years ago. She took on the task with complete professionalism, timely updates, and clear feedback. Her approach was extremely organized and proactive which helped the process go much more smoothly.”

Andrea Falkin

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